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Management Team

Technology Expert, Techn

Vinita Navadgi, Founder

Gururaj Phadnis, VP Engineering

Vinita Navadgi, Founder

  Vinita has 24+ yrs IT experience of working in Healthcare segment for Fortune 500 companies. It was time to set out on her own and follow her passion in Healthcare


Atul Shah, Co-Founder

Gururaj Phadnis, VP Engineering

Vinita Navadgi, Founder

Atul is a Specialist in turning bright ideas into products and bringing them to Market. He has 25+ years of diverse experience and bootstrapped multiple startups and ideas


Gururaj Phadnis, VP Engineering

Gururaj Phadnis, VP Engineering

Gururaj Phadnis, VP Engineering

  Gururaj has 20+ yrs of Technology expertise in building various large software platforms. He is very curious about technology and always likes to be on the cutting-edge

Board of Advisors


Dr. DILIP WALKE - MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology

 Dr. Dilip Walke has 33+ yrs experience with OB-GYN as his Specialty. Growing up in the medical college, Medico-legal issues of doctors and health issues of women have always been on the top of his mind. Along with being a practicing specialist, he also has been associated with many prestigious organizations like FOGSI and POGS in leadership positions.  Dr. Walke is regularly invited as faculty in several national and international conferences. His contribution in various published papers, books and articles have been well appreciated. Dr. Walke has been an ardent proponent and an Industry Influencer for the use of Technology in the field of Tele-Medicine.


Dr. ANIL CHITTAKE - DGO, DNB, Fellowship in IVF & Gynaec Endoscopy

 Dr. Anil Chittake is the Founder Director at Embrio, Pune. 

As a Director of Surya Hospital - Pune, he is the Head of Gynecology, Endoscopy and Infertility. He has over 25+ years of medical experience and IVF Consultant to more than 10 IVF centers. He has worked with various renowned Hospitals across India and also been a part of  prestigious research institutes like ICMR and NARI. Dr. Chittake has been a strong believer and an early adopter of the latest mobile and web based technologies in the area of Patient Healthcare.



Dr. Jayant Navrange is a renowned Medical Practitioner since 1981. He is the Chairman, Medico-Legal Cell, IMA Pune. His knowledge and expertise in the area of Medico legal is very well established. He has been instrumental in driving the guidelines for the use of Telemedicine Technology. 


Mr. VIJAY TAPASKAR - B.E. Comp. Engg & Startup Guru

 Mr. Vijay Tapaskar has 25+ years of vast experience with big corporations as well as early stage startups building complex and highly scalable products in the areas of Networking, Cloud and Edge Computing. He is passionate about startups and keen to help with all the experience he has gathered over the years. Vijay is also a Partner at Consumyze Software. They advise and invest in Technology  to create new exciting solutions that will change the world around us for the better. Consumyze believes that given the significant rise in Chronic Diseases and inability of the Patients to have easy access to the right Specialist Doctors will require use of Technology to bridge this gap.

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