Providing a Personalized Experience to Patients

Grow Your Practice

Use DrPrax platform to Acquire new patients, Engage with them in your Clinic and Retain your patients by providing them consultation even when you are on the move or in other cities

How To Grow

What to Use


DrPrax App

DrPrax For Doctors App is designed to help you provide your patients with a more Personalized Experience


DrAssist App

 DrAssist App is designed to help your Clinic Admin or Receptionist to Book Your Appointments, Manage Your OPD Queues and Track Patient Payments 


Web-based Access

Web Interface is designed to help Doctors provide Easy Prescriptions and View Patient Records from a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Get Started with DrPrax

Update Profile and Bank Details

Update Profile and Bank Details

Update Profile and Bank Details

This is important as your Expertise and Photo is visible to the Patients

  • Click on Profile image (Circle) on the top right corner of “My Chats” screen
  • Update your personal Profile, professional Qualifications and Bank details for transfer of payments

Tip: Upload a professional photo and your medical registration number so new patients know you better

Invite Patients

Update Profile and Bank Details

Update Profile and Bank Details

Let your Patients know that you will consult only on Medico-Legally Safe App  

  • Click on the Invite Icon on the Top of the “My Chats” page and invite your patients or other doctors to use DrPrax
  • A SMS message will be sent to your invitees to download the DrPrax App
  • As soon as the Patients download, they can instantly start paid consultations with you on the App

Tip: Encourage your patients not to consult you an any social messaging application as they are not medico-legal compliant.

Consult with Patients

Update Profile and Bank Details

Generate Prescriptions

DrPrax offers CHAT consultations along with the capability of writing a prescription 

  • Click on Profile Settings-> Consultation Charges to set default consultation charges 
  • Prescription in MCI recommended format. 
  • Audio & Video will be available soon

Consult via Web Portal

The Portal can be accessed from the DrPrax website

  • ->Login (top right hand corner) and using Registered Phone number and OTP

Generate Prescriptions

Get Payment to Bank Account

Generate Prescriptions

Creating prescriptions is very simple

  •  Click on the “+” icon next to the messages in the Patient Chat window
  • Choose “Rx” to create a Prescription
  • Doctors can write a new prescription, edit an old prescription
  • Alternatively, Doctors can take a picture of a hand-written Prescription as well

Tip: Use the Web Portal using Desktop or Laptop for faster generation of Prescriptions

Charge for Consultation

Get Payment to Bank Account

Get Payment to Bank Account

Doctors can choose to Charge the Patients either Before or After the Consultation. 

Prepaid Consultation

  • Before you start Chat consultation, click on the “Rupee” icon to charge upfront. 
  • Patient will not be able to send a message until they pay first

Charge After Consultation

  • After Consultation you can Generate a Prescription
  • The Patient cannot view the prescription until they pay the charges
  • Patients can also be Charged for a CHAT by clicking on the “Rupee” icon

Tip: Start with a Prepaid Consultation for a new patient so that you do not lose out on the value for your time

Get Payment to Bank Account

Get Payment to Bank Account

Get Payment to Bank Account

All payments are transferred directly to your account instantly

  • However, it may take up to 2 days to reflect the credit because of the payment gateway
  • Please make sure you update the Bank Account Details in your Profile setup to ensure the charges are transferre